Hi! Today on the schedule of Armchair BEA is beyond the blog, which they meant by monetizing, a career, etc. Currently, I don’t have any plans for that and even though I enjoy blogging immensely, it is not in the professional capacity or something I’m looking into as a career at the moment. So the other suggested topic was “we’d love for you to share a fun aspect about your blog or life that may be completely separate from books.” Since we like to add a song or two with our reviews, I think it would be sort of obvious what’s the other aspect of my life!


It’s not even the concert going aspect I like the most. It’s the meeting the musicians bit when that actually does happen. I get super enthusiastic, there is a lot of flailing, and incoherency. I GUESS THIS IS HOW PEOPLE FEEL WHEN THEY MEET AUTHORS? The whole ‘authors are our rockstars’ bit. It’s so weird to me to think THESE ARE TOTALLY NORMAL PEOPLE who just happen to be amazingly creative and make beautiful, beautiful music. I actually prefer in-store performances to concerts because they’re more intimate and lovely all around. Plus, my local record store makes really awesome posters to go with each in-store performance. Anyway! Yes! Music, I like that a lot! How about you? What do YOU do in your spare time not involving books? Do you have any musician stories? I live for this so I would love to hear yours if you have one.

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  1. I’m a entertainment technician so I’ve had my share rubbing shoulders with musicians. Of course the “famous” people I’ve worked shows with have been more Disney channel stars with a few country singers thrown in there. I love how nice and helpful people can be – at least the touring technicians are that way with me (although I’ve been told it’s because I’m their piece of eye candy). I live and breathe theatre, so it’s great to run into a concert lover!
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    • Elena says:

      I think it’s awesome you’re an entertainment technician! Haha, I’d probably still be impressed with the Disney channel stars. I’m always fascinated by technicians, engineers, etc. that has to do with concert going. So much work goes into touring! Anyway, thanks for stopping by. :D

  2. Liviania says:

    I love going to concerts! No musician stories, but one of my favorite concerts was seeing Los Campesinos with friends. My friend BSong told us he knew a great, free place to park downtown. Turned out his free parking place was across downtown from the club – we had to walk at least a mile that night! But the music and companionship was worth it.
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    • Elena says:

      Oh, I bet they were super fun live! Ahaha sorry about all that walking but at least it was free? I’m glad you enjoyed the concert!

  3. Kate says:

    I’m always surprised by all famous people being totally normal people. I know that they should be but it still surprises me :P

    I used to work at a theme park selling burgers and fries and anything else that gets deepfried in too much oil. One day a band that I was a huge fan of came in… I was 15 at the time so a long time ago now. Anyway, I nearly hyperventilated. but somehow I managed to give them their order and didn’t accidentally spill their drinks on them or anything.

    A few weeks later I was at their concert and it was a smallish gig. Only a few hundred people and they recognised me and told the crowd that I was an awesome person. I know my story is a little lame but it made my year :P
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  4. I love going to shows. I haven’t been to as many as I used too, and my smaller venue closed down, so that’s a bummer. At any rate, I still do love music though, and it’s always fun to meet people. I love this band (sadly, no longer together…) called The City Drive and I saw them live and got to talk to them a whole lot that night. It was probably one of my best musician experiences. They were just hilarious and fun and down to earth and great. And we played Would You Rather? a bit which was too cool! :)

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  5. I actually don’t do anything special if I’m not reading! Not like your kind of hobby. o: I did swim and dance a while, but not anymore. I’m more of a spend-time-with-the-boyfriend-type I guess! Love watching movies and playing games, haha. Very exciting *cough* I have actually met two big singers in Sweden though and received their autograph when I was a bit younger, which was super cool!! Now I just need to meet authors too… ;) Haha!

    My Beyond the Blog post!
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  6. I think that it is awesome that you have a huge hobby outisde of reading! Meeting authors is pretty amazing, more often than not I have found them to be just normal people :) easy to talk too.

  7. Amanda says:

    LOVE IT! I love going to concerts!

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  8. I’m a big fan of concerts! I volunteered (and then worked) in music promo for a few years for bands I loved. So I’ve met some very fascinating people.
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  9. Great post! Being a musician myself, obviously I love music, too! And I agree — those intimate performances are the best! I have a favourite singer here in Canada, Sarah Slean, and I remember when she played at a local Chapters book store. There was a handful of people and partway through the first song, the damper pedal on her keyboard started acting wonky, so she improvised with a vocal-only song while someone went to replace her pedal. She’s an amazing musician and it was so great to see her live in that kind of place!
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  10. Sounds like good fun! I guess for you musicians are what authors are for me. I only listen to music for dancing purposes. Music moves me too much to just have it as background.
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  11. I’m completely boring and don’t do much outside of work, studying, blogging and reading. ;) IF I have any spare time after all that, it’s usually to catch up with friends or family, maybe see a film or go somewhere nice. That’s my exciting life. :P I do share your passion for music though, which is why I adore your blog so much. Your song choices with your review posts are always fantastic! :)
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  12. Gwen says:

    If I share crazy musician stories it will only show my age;)

    There was one summer that I followed Rage Against the Machine around to every show they did in California. They were just coming up, so only did smaller venues. Zack de la Rocha signed his shirt and gave it to me. My younger self was thrilled. Now, don’t even think I still have that shirt.
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  13. Love it. It’s so awesome how you love concerts and music so much. It’s so great how it goes with your reading as well. I LOVE that about your reviews! :D
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  14. Ashleigh says:

    I don’t really have any musician stories, but I wish I did! I can’t imagine all the amazing concerts you’ve seen. The only formal concert I’ve ever been to is a Taylor Swift concert back in 2009, though I’ve been to a ton of music festivals at a campground/music park my family has frequented since I was a baby. 311, Trace Adkins, Miranda Lambert, Sublime, Widespread Panic–a lot of different bands and singers have been there. Does it count that my brother likes to play the drums? I’m forced to listen to band practice every day. My non-bookish interest is digital design. Less glamorous, but I love it to bits.
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  15. Oh wow, fantastic photos! The last concert I went to was Florence and the Machine and I was so close that I could touch her – it was definitely one of the best nights of my life. :)

    New to your blog!
    Stephanie @ Stepping Out of the Page
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  16. nea barabea says:

    I love music too!! And I definitely love concerts!! :) :) I love the feeling of the music so laaaaud!! Estatic! :) Enjoy aBEA! :) Hope to see you at the twitter party! ;)
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  17. i used to drive all over the place to go to concerts. There’s no better feeling than being at a concert. I love rock concerts where you can just totally lose control and freak out. Such amazing energy and awesome stress relief.
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  18. Amanda says:

    I would love to go to more concerts!! It definitely feels better!!
    Great post
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  19. I only been “3” concerts before. Two of them were the same person (Enrique Iglesias, *sigh* the love of my life<3) and the other was during New Years eve at Times Square in NYC so it was free and there was a bunch of performers. It was definitely fun and I do hope I can go to more in the future. It's definitely like meeting an author, fan-girling always happen :p
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  20. Born Bookish says:

    Going to concerts is my favorite thing EVER! I love everything about the concert atmosphere! Me & my older sister got hooked after my dad took us to our first concert (Aaron Carter) back in the day, LoL. Since then we’ve been to at least 50 shows and have been lucky enough to meet some of our favorite artists. I think the most interesting encounter we’ve had was when we went to a McDonalds after the show and we were sitting their eating our dinner when the opening act came walking in. They ate like two tables across from us.
    Fun post! I enjoyed reading everyones stories =)
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  21. Yes, I do enjoy going to concerts and I hope when I am traveling the world, I will be doing that, too. The atmosphere, the heart thumping sounds and the music itself are a way into escapism which I simply love.
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  22. SO FUN! I love, love, LOVE going to concerts too! Music is my life, and I love that you post songs with your reviews. How perfect is that? Thank you SO much for stopping by my post today. :) I love your blog, and you’re going on my blogroll! I’m so happy Armchair BEA happened, so I could find another place to hang out!
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  23. Jessi says:

    I LOVE that! I too am a big fan of the concert going big and small. Up next is Rise Against for me.

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  24. I love to travel – I think that’s one of my favorite things in the world. Though I don’t get much opportunity to go to extremely exotic locations (a la Wanderlove, if you’ve read that book), I do explore wherever and whenever I can.
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