Dearest reader,

This is my 500th post which means our time has come to an end. I’ve made some great enemies, learned the secret to immortality (hint: BOOKS), and now I hope you’ll support me in my next endeavor: world domination.

I poured my heart and soul into Novel Sounds for almost four years. When you love something that much, it feels like forever. YA seriously changed my life for the better. Books have always and will continue to change my life. There’s nothing like the feeling of words on a page transformed into worlds. It just takes twenty-six letters to create a universe.

It takes more than letters and so much love to describe how I feel about you. How lucky am I that even oceans aren’t obstacles for friendships! Thank you for always being there and encouraging and capslock-ing and just GETTING IT. Thank you thank you thank you.

Is it really goodbye if I’m not actually going anywhere? I’ll still be on Twitter and Instagram and other places. Say you’ll remember me standing in a nice dress, staring at a pile of unread books, eating an ice cream.

All will be well. I promise.

Yours truly,

I am in love in with cities. I grew up in a bunch of places but love cities the most. I mean, I will always be tied with suburbia because that’s what I know but because I’m young + idealistic, I get dreamy eyed over cities. Los Angeles reminds me of sun, Tokyo reminds me of loneliness, Shanghai reminds me of lights, New York reminds me of possibilities, Paris reminds me of maybes. It’s bittersweet leaving cities because it’s like you never there at all. You’re one person among millions. You will most likely never see the people you pass on the street ever again. Your face will slide away from a stranger’s memory before it even forms. This sounds sad but I don’t think it always has to be. It is easy to be lonely in a crowd but it is easy to revel in it too. You are anyone you want to be. You are the Ryan Atwood to their Marissa Cooper.

I have a long, long list of cities and places I want to see. Even though I know it’s very likely I’m not going to visit them all, there are always books to guide you. Reading a book and experiencing the travel are obviously not the same thing but sometimes it’s as close as you can get.

Do you have a favorite city? Where do YOU want to visit? 


Straight from a class I paid $$$ for in university, the role of branding is

  1. Recognition and Identification 
  2. Differentiation 
  3. Loyalty and Equity 
  4. Value 

Now, I’ll explain each of these steps. I’m going to talk about a blog as a “brand” because that is how I see mine. It’s not an ACTUAL brand but I treat it as such.

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Have you ever thought, “Man, this author has a lot of books! Where do I start??” NEVER FEAR, I am here! Five prolific authors and where to start with them.

where to start

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Summer is here and we all know it because we’re melting like the Wicked Witch of the West. Here are my favorite activities to do in the summer:

  • STAY INSIDE. It is hot as balls out there and AS SOON AS I STEP OUTSIDE, I SMELL GROSS. OUTSIDE SMELLS GROSS. Inside is where the air conditioning is. Except in New York’s case, it’s more like fan because central AC is a myth here.
  • EAT ICE CREAM. I suppose if I DO go outside in this blazing hot weather, I reward myself with eating ice cream. Except sometimes I can’t savor it as I like because the heat makes the ice cream drip drip drip. Luckily, some ice cream shops have places for you to sit so you can LOOK at the outside while enjoying your treat!
  • GO TO A PARK. Yeah, I know I was JUST lamenting about being outside but it’s not so bad if you are in the shade (THE SHADE IS A MUST) and have a good book with you. Maybe headphones too so you can ignore the outside world while pretending you’re not actually a vampire.
  • GO TO A CONCERT. In New York, there are often free concerts in the summer while I like a lot! Except free concerts bring in the crooooowds so it’s probably best to do it with people you like so you can all be grumps together and leave early if needed (hey, it’s free).
  • GO TO A MUSEUM. I really like to appreciate the true art of air conditioning.

I’m such a fun person!!!! To prove what a super fun person I am, I made a SUMMER MIX FOR YOU. I think the best way to share a mix is Spotify. Unfortunately, Spotify didn’t have some of the tracks I wanted to put in but I TRIED MY BEST. Let me know if you like it! (I MEAN IT, I WANT TO KNOW IF YOU LIKE IT BECAUSE I AM A PERSON WHO NEEDS VALIDATION.)